Pricing Details


Face painting or balloon twisting starts at $120/hr/artist, and one artist to provide both face painting and balloon twisting begins at $150/hr.  There is a two hour minimum for all parties and events. 


For details on what would adjust the price, see the following list: 




Parties, events and bookings 30 minutes or more away from our Round Rock loctaion will have an additional travel fee, which covers compensation for the artit's time and travel expenses (gasoline, etc).  Locations in the downtown or UT campus area will have an additional $10 charge.


Parking or Entrance Fees


If there are additional parking or entrance fees for your event, these fees will be added to the cost of the entertainment.  Please let us know ahead of time and we will include these in the amount of the party.


Bringing our own table and/or shade


We ask that you provide a table area and two chairs, in a well lit indoor or covered area, for each artist that you book for your party or event.  If you prefer that we provide our own, it is $15/artist for the table and chairs, and $25/artist for a tent or umbrella.


Custom Menus


If you have a themed party or event, you can have a custom menu prepared for your event!  Pricing for menus begins at $20/menu.


Extreme Heat or Cold


If you need an artist to work in temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit or above 90 degrees, there will be an additional $20/hr fee which will go directly to the artist.


Holiday Rates


Holidays, such as the week of Christmas, New Years, the Fourth of July, and the month of October, have a two hour minimum and are billed at an additional $10/hr/entertainer.