How Many Faces In An Hour?


One of our most commonly asked questions is, "How many faces can you paint in an hour?"  And our answer is usually, "It's up to you!"  


Depending on what you are looking for, we can generally paint between 6-20 faces in an hour.


Just take a look at the options below, and please keep in mind that boys generally take longer to paint than girls do!

Premiere Faces

Our premiere designs are the face paintings that just amaze you and your guests.  


For these faces, we're able to give almost unlimited options, and paint each child or adult with exactly the design that they want.  


These are especially popular among older girls and adults, but children of all ages love to look amazing.


You can generally expect 6-8 premiere faces/hr.


(This does not include private bookings for extremely elaborate masks.)


Party Faces and Masks



Party Faces and Masks are our most popular option, and what you see quite a bit of on our site!  They are great looking designs, including full faces, partial faces, masks and cheek art.  


We are able to take requests and create one of a kind faces for kids and adults alike -- always a huge hit!


Depending on what children select, you can generally expect 8-12 party faces and masks/hr. 

Fast Party Faces


These faces are great when you have a larger party but not much time to set aside for face painting!  


We aren't able as able to take special reqests when we have this many kids and will generally need to stick to a designs that we know we can paint quickly, but these face paitings not only look fantastic, but only require about 3-4 minutes each!


Depending on what children select and how wiggly they are, you can expect 12-16 faces/hr.

Quick Designs!


If you have 16-20 kids/hr, this is what you're looking for!  In order to keep things moving at a fast pace, we can offer a limited selection of very popular face paintings, which only take a minute or two to paint.


These include simple cheek art and eye designs, as well as a few half face and mask designs (eg ninja, rainbow, or butterfly).


For our quick designs especially, the number of children that we can get through depends a great deal on how quickly the children can decide on what they want and how still they are able to sit when being painted.  If you need to get through a large number of children in a small amount of time, we often recommend that you have an adult or teenager be in charge of line management.